Japanese Happy Birthday Song

There are several versions of Happy Birthday song that Japanese sing for the occassion.

The first one is the most familiar, as it is Happy Birthday sung in Japanese pronunciation, katakana, or カタカナ.

 ハッピーバースデー トゥーユー
 ハッピーバースデー トゥーユー
 ハッピーバースデー ディア (name) 
 ハッピーバースデー トゥーユー 
 Happii basudee tuu yuu
 Happii basudee tuu yuu
 Happii basudee dea (name)
 Happii basudee tuu yuu 

Another version, with the same Happy Birthday melody, is sung in Japanese. The lyrics is as follows:

 ureshii na kyou wa. 
 tanoshii na kyou wa. 
 tanjoubi omedetou. 
 outa wo utaimashou. 

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