Celebrities Sing Happy Birthday

Watch your favorite celebrities sing the happy birthday song.

  • Katy Perry Sings Happy BirthdayKaty Perry’s fans surely love this short video. She released a song “Birthday” in her 2013 album, “Prism”.
  • Selena Gomez Sings Happy Birthday To Perez HiltonAmerican celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton was surprised during his birthday when Selena Gomez emerged to serenade him a birthday song at his Blue Ball. Selena Gomez was first seen on the children’s series Barney and Friends and became famous after she was cast in the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Her success continues as ... Read more
  • Celine Dion Sings Happy Birthday AcapellaCeline Dion’s powerful rendition of various songs were influenced by Aretha Franklin, Charles Aznavour, Michael Jackson, Carole King, Anne Murray and Barbra Streisand among others. The reigning Queen of Pop, Dion’s voice and timbre are classified by Jeff Miers, a music critic as “absolutely extra-human”. Here’s an acapella of Happy Birthday.
  • Britney Spears Sings Happy Birthday to L.A. ReidMusic critics call Britney Spears as the most gifted teenage pop icon for her style and powerful voice. X Factor USA co-judge L.A. Reid got a surprise from Britney Spears who delivered him a birthday cake and a song. The acapella birthday song rendition gave the fans a treat on L.A. Reid’s 57th birthday.
  • Christina Aguilera Sings Happy BirthdayChristina Aguilera is known as the “Princess of Pop” and considered as one of the greatest artists in the music history. Aside from her musical stints, Christina Aguilera is an Ambassador Against Hunger of the World Food Programme (WFP). She went to Haiti in May 2010 to personally bring hope to the earthquake and hunger-stricken ... Read more
  • Justin Bieber Sings Happy BirthdayYoung Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Beiber was the first ever singer to have seven songs from his debut album to get on the Billboard Hot 100. His album, My World was certified platinum not only in the United States. Here’s a heart-warming happy birthday song by Justin Beiber for the American Cancer Society.
  • Mariah Carey Sings Happy BirthdayMariah is a power voice of the music industry. Her name rose to prominence after releasing her self-titled album, Mariah Carey that plummeted her career in 1990. The album went multiplatinum and stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for four weeks as number one. Listen as Mariah Carey sings Happy Birthday for Mohammad Ali.
  • Jessie J Sings Happy Birthday Jessie J is known as an R&B and pop singer whose songs tastefully blend pop and hiphop. Watch her sing Happy Birthday at Warwick Castle
  • Demi Lovato Sings Happy BirthdayIt must be every fan’s dream to have his or her celebrity idol sing Happy Birthday on her special day. In Demi concert in 2010, she sang a birthday song for a fan. Demi is known for her numerous MTV Video Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, ALMA Awards and a Billboard Touring Awards. Having been ... Read more
  • One Direction Sings Happy Birthday to LiamAll girls going crazy over One Direction must watch this video. One Direction surprised their member Liam Payne on their Chicago concert last August 29, 2014 which exactly was Liam’s birthday. One Direction’s road tour in Australia and Asia will surely send every girl fan screaming in excitement this 2015.
  • Beyonce Sings Happy BirthdaySinger and actress Beyonce gives her hot rendition of happy birthday. Beyonce is known for her dynamic and choreographed performances. Her 17 Grammy awards speak of her passion to her craft that even a simple birthday song can be turned into a platinum record-sounding clip. Listen to Beyonce singing happy birthday.
  • Lady Gaga Sings 'Happy Birthday'It must have been a big surprise for radio host Elvis Duran! Lady Gaga dropped by to personally sing a birthday song to Elvis Duran in his show. Read Lady Gaga Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Radio Host Elvis Duran (LISTEN) We don’t have that exact video. Listen to this instead. Lady Gaga-Singing Happy Birthday To ... Read more
  • Aretha Franklin Sings Happy Birthday to Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift’s tweet says it all: Aretha Franklin just sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and it will take me decades to recover. #goals — Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13), December 12, 2014 At the Billboard Women in Music Luncheon, the host asked the divas to wish Taylor Swift a happy birthday and Aretha Franklin gave her (and ... Read more
  • Justin Timberlake Sings Happy Birthday An 8-year-old boy with autism went to Justin Timberlake's concert on his birthday. He was screaming so excitedly that he got Justin's attention.
  • Marilyn Monroe Sings Happy Birthday Watch Marilyn Monroe sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to John F Kennedy on May 19, 1962, a few days before his real birthday.