Beyonce Sings Happy Birthday

Singer and actress Beyonce gives her hot rendition of happy birthday. Beyonce is known for her dynamic and choreographed performances. Her 17 Grammy awards speak of her passion to her craft that even a simple birthday song can be turned into a platinum record-sounding clip.

Listen to Beyonce singing happy birthday.

Lady Gaga Sings ‘Happy Birthday’

It must have been a big surprise for radio host Elvis Duran! Lady Gaga dropped by to personally sing a birthday song to Elvis Duran in his show. Read Lady Gaga Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Radio Host Elvis Duran (LISTEN) We don’t have that exact video. Listen to this instead. Lady Gaga-Singing Happy Birthday To … Read more

Justin Timberlake Sings Happy Birthday

An 8-year-old boy went to Justin Timberlake’s concert on his birthday. He was excited and happy to see his idol. his parents were anxious and wondering if things would go well that night, as this boy has autism.

The boy’s excitement got him screaming about his birthday over and over again. Surprisingly, the audience heard it and got Justin Timberlake’s attention, so the singer got the whole stadium singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

It is a nice gesture and his mom recorded in the following video. She also wrote a blog entry about the night: What Happens When Justin Timberlake & 25,000 Fans Sing Happy Birthday to a Boy with Autism?

Marilyn Monroe Sings Happy Birthday

The romance and mysteries surrounding Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy have made us wondered and pondered.

The sexy actress sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” on May 19, 1962, a few days before his real birthday. This is possibly one of the most memorable version of the happy birthday song that people of all ages know.